How to get more Instagram likes in 2022

Hello, and today we are talking about how to grow your Instagram account fast online! you may know that it’s becoming hard to hard to grow your brand’s popularity on social media likes On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

That mainly happened because companies like Instagram and Facebook are trying to make money from Advertising to reduce organic engagement and force brands and companies to spend more on Ads. That is normal from a company’s perspective but if you are a small agency likes us, you may don’t willing to spend so much money on ads and focus on content that matters, and people will want to share online, which means more organic followers, likes and engagement and so, this may result from sales as well.

In this post, I want to share some techniques about how to get more (organic) likes on Instagram and talk about what is the best practices to do that!

  1. Create shareable content!

You see a ton of content every day but only some of them are shareable, so if you create posts, photos, videos that make people share on their Instagram this will help you and skyrocket your Instagram in a short time. So, how to do that? there are many online tools likes Canva to create beautiful Instagram designs and posts, you only have ideas and there you go, you will see people start sharing your stories and posts, and this result in getting more likes on your Instagram page.

2. Create shout-outs!

Collaborating with small brands and agencies is the best way to improve your Instagram Engagement, this means you and other people like you exchange posts and tag your Pages on these posts or place Instagram Link on BIO, so people who follow your Account will interact with the link what is placed on your posts. That’s a completely great technique because followers mostly interact with the posts what is in their interest and so, when you share content on social media that’s right for your follower’s engagement starts to grow fast.

Final thoughts: growing an Instagram account on social media is getting hard and hard every day, but great content is the key to gaining more Instagram likes and followers in this busy world. There are so many creators right there but don’t panic, there always will be a place for your niche if you doing the right things on social media!

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